Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

Whatever its Wednesday

Ugh today totally is whatever. No more Italy posts and back to the regular ol' schedule for KrisPix!

The most popular baby names by state 

So E40 is making his own wine label. Its called Earl Stevens collections. Thoughts?

How to wrap a burrito. Finally.

How to sit at work if you don't have a standing desk.

This Cow Hollow home.

Shit bloggers wear. 

Wanna know what the BEST toilet paper is out there? Click here. 

Emma Watsons new do. What do you think?

Did you check out Rues wedding issue yet? I'm so glad I dont need an excuse to buy wedding mags anymore! ;)

I REALLY want these shoes. 

I'm Ready for Fall...

My Trip to Italy: The Proposal