Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

Whatever its Wednesday

I bet this is Alexa Chung's "whatever" outfit.

Finally, a machine that tells you your EXACT foundation shade. It made its debut in San Francisco. :)

Steve Maddens townhome is up for grabs.

Do you get The Skimm in your inbox? If ya dont, you should.

Did you see the Goopers spring edit? Ugh I really wanna hate her.

Some things to stop doing in your 20's 

If you are a thug and like to cook, check out Thug Kitchen.

Soooo addicting.  Mavis Beacon in the house!

I want this be my spring addition in my home.

My favorite egg DIY so far.

A shopping service for guys now. Get them some style!

The rain is back. Make some chicken soup. the best you'll ever have!

Crying. These photos emit so much expression!

I listen to anything and everything my grandma tells me. So I am listening to these grandma beauty secrets. 

Supergas or SeaVees?

A Perfect Home in My City.