Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

Whatever its Wednesday

Check out this new site for all things entertaining, parties, cooking, etc.. written by the girls of Honestly WTF. Its so damn cute.

I want to go here. NOW.

Have you seen Lulu & Georgias home picks for girl on a budget? I want them all!

Such GREAT tips every gal should know! #youcanthankmelater :)

Photoshop tips. What am I getting myself in to?

I really really hope Apple starts making colorful iPhones. 

I hated/loved this. 

Have you seen the DVF X Roxy collab?? I may walk into a surf shop again brah.

Will Etsy be the one to do my next site re design?

I will soon be carrying tacos in my purse. 

Watch out American Apparel. There is a 10 year hoodie coming to the US, made in the US.


Leslie Fremar Can Style Celebs and Homes

Pretty Pretty Room