Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

Whatever its Wednesday

Wooden Legos.

An alcohol vaporizer. (How do you not read my blog Cody??)

A VERY elegant wedding in San Francisco

How do these two even get together?

Mission Chinese lookin' all pretty. Looks are not deceiving in this case.

The windows of New York. 

My London ladies 

This filing cabinet is just too much. I KNOW a filing cabinet.

I know Valentines Day is way over but please watch this video. (The red head is what I envision my daughter to be like)

If you have a boy (between the ages of 5-9) he would love this. Since were on the kid topic, get them one of these to scoot through the airport!

I've been all about emeralds since I was a little girl. Check these vintage gems out. This one and this one. I WILL treat myself one day.

I want this side table! 

I know this stuff can be cheesy, but you should really take all of these into consideration. Be safe!

Up Close and Personal- Target Lets me Wear High End Designers

O.P. Lately