Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 


mugs are fun and can get reaaalllyy cute. and there is always a story behind them. my parents have some form when they were kids! here are some great ones to keep with you for ever and ever. (or give to a friend as a gift!)

kate spade saturday mugs (available soon)

cursive monogram

owl mug 

DIY Sharpie Mugs 

Creature Mugs 

Design Darling


Not in the coffee or tea mood

Picture 1

Morning Mug

Picture 4

Kate Spade Say the Word Mug

Pantone Mugs 

Tiffany Mug (this one's just (well, almost) as affordable as the others!)

When will you use your mug? christmas morning? have a friend over for tea? by the fire? to hold your gel pens?

smarty pin sunday

wear it