Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

an interior designer im adding to my list

i gasped when i saw this kitchen by Jute. when it comes to explaining your style when decorating your home, it is VERY hard to not only put into words but then to have someone comprehend and nail it right on the head. when people ask me how i envision my first dream home, i'm like, "well, its traditional, with touches of modern, some hollywood glam, and the tiniest sprinkle of bohemian."   Alison Davin couldn't have gotten it more perfect. this is exactly what i meant by the statement above. and to make Jute even more spectacular is she is located in Marin.

*note: the home above is actually in Marin. 

heres a little taste of Jutes work in San Francisco... (THAT NURSERY)

drool over her other projects here 

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