Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

whatever its wednesday

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you have got to see these photos of sf being re-constructed after the 1906 earthquake. fascinating. here are some of new york being built up too.

everyone of these rainboots are adorbs.

for bloggers only :)

i didnt know food exploding could look so cool

smokin' leather leggings for a smokin' price

gooood tips 

Starbucks is so fashionable

another fab bracelet DIY 

umm you can now try on jewels at bauble bars shop in nyc! now open!

are any of you in college? if you are, DO THIS in your dorm.

oh- and my friend cat shared this post on one of my favorite hole in the walls on say yes to hoboken!

enjoy xoxo

art pix

louping you all in on this lovely brand