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smarty pin sunday

i have to remind myself of this every single day.

i am one of the millions of college graduates that have been, what feels like, taken advantage of in this crazy student loan plight.(this was really hard for me to admit and come to terms with) i owe and am required to pay A LOT of money every month. (i pretty much pay a mortgage and then rent on top of that.) food and basic necessities are out of the question. in sharing this with my readers, i am not asking for pitty. i want people to gain awareness of this problem and i want to give insight for those in the same situation that find it difficult to live with this everyday of their lives.

there are days i feel there is no end in sight. how am i ever going to buy that first home? get married? have children? i choke. i cry. i have sleepless nights. i beat myself up. this is not a way to live.

then i remember i HAVE the things below and those are the things to live for.

i have an incredible family. my mom is always there to pick up my call.and there are many. my dad will drop anything and everything for me. my brother inspires me to keep pushing. cody ...hmm cant even begin with this one. he puts the food on the table, allows me to watch my reality tv shows(very important and im trying to lighten this up a little), have an impressive shoes collection, a car to get me to babysitting, let out a good cry, reminds me that this will end (he is SO positive ALL the time and its become contagious. not only around me, but around everyone in his life), and most importantly, with all the other crap going on in my life, coming home to him always makes me smile. period. which i've noticed is something that doesn't come as naturally anymore. then there is his mom, wendy. she is the most giving, warm person i have ever met and the ultimate epitome for how to live the must fulfilling and enriched life.

my friends understand and then some (meg- im talking about you). if i cant make it to dinners, movies, birthday parties (so sorry) they understand without an explanation. and when i ask them to hang out by doing something free and way less cool, they're in. thank you guys for the glass of wine you've picked up, the ride home, the cooked dinner, the clothes you almost gave to goodwill... even though those things may seem so minuscule, they are THE WORLD to me.

between everyone, there is so much love and support. without my friends and family well, i would not be writing this post. i would not be where i am today. with this a team i still manage to appreciate the things i have everyday and not dwell and obsess about that monthly payment. i have a wonderful job surrounded by wonderful people. i live in a gorg city. (and have not had to move home), and i still mangage to visit new york (that's ALL you Nicolettis.) basically, i am still able to just live my life.

as much as i sigh, whine, and pout when i cant buy the things i post about, go out to a fancy dinner, take a vacation, i remind myself that the things i do have are priceless and i still can afford that.

thank you for reading :)

you can be o.p.

and you thought lululemon was expensive