Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

whatever its wednesday

great article on Leandra of The Manrepeller

finally a recipe for these scrumptious little peppers! (I would seriously go to Market Bar, even though they are not on the menu any more, and just other them. with nothing else. and would probably spend 15-20 bucks on these guys. So worth it.

so apparently i am on a food kick today. but these individual baked french toasts are perfect for a brunch with friends.

i am so excited for the first of august. (well the first of most months) for the following:

-i start working with victoria from vmac + cheese. have you checked out her company? she is so talented in more ways than one! cant wait to show you guys the final product.

-Lonny Magazine

-Rue Magazine

-see the new styles at stylemint and shoemint

This is what we missed at Madewell Potter!

ummmm get in my closet now 

an upper body workout that everygirl can do

i will wait forever for you equipment

can something from the hamptons just be mediocre?