Here are my picks. Hopefully they will become yours too. 

linkin' it.

What I will attempt to look like this wearing my liberty's

Blogs i haaaavvveee to look at for my new job :) DesignLoveFest, A Cup of Jo, SF Girl by Bay, Say Yes to Hoboken, Designsponge, Oh Happy Day  oh i can go on forever but this is to get you started

Cool idea for keeping good posture!

Glitter guide killed it with 4th of July ideas

ooo la la leopard sandals 

A wallet that you can carry all year

I can swim in a different place each day while in NYC this summer.

I actually saw miss Wendy in SF while doing this shoot last weekend!

Easy remedies for things like cellulite, dark circles under eyes, insomnia, dry skin. I'll give em a try.

Have a great 4th tomorrow!

keds clothing. yes, clothing.

i spy so many bloggers on matchbook mag!